aBitNow Restaurant Registration

The most important things to know about registration with aBitNow

  1. It is a super-simple self-service process that takes less than three minutes to get you started.
  2. There are absolutely no costs to the restaurant for using the app or the platform.  We do have services that you can purchase later but getting your restaurant menu online and taking orders is free to the business.
  3. Online registration is fast and convenient or if you prefer you can email us at Helpdesk@aBitNow.com to assist with your restaurant setup.


Step By Step

Step 1: Navigate to the Registration Page

Navigate to www.abitnow.com; Click Sign me up. Or Navigate directly to abitnow.com/register

If you are already on our home page https://www.aBitNow.com to checkout what all the buzz is about click Sign me up

or go directly to registration…


Step 2: Create account and nominate restaurant

Fill in the form with personal information then restaurant information

The registration page is broken down into 5 parts.
Before we get started, [2a] if you already have an account, please login first. This will auto-populate many of the fields and streamline the process.
First is the left pane that informs you of some of the capabilities.
Second, [2b] is the Tab/Buttons Navigation. The left button is for consumers that want to “Nominate” a restaurant for aBitNow. If someone has already nominated your restaurant, it may already be in our database. Business owners and restaurant team members will click on “I won or work at a restaurant”
Third, [2c] is the data entry for personal user information. Note that email address is required. To activate notification, (eg. your order is ready; even restaurant employees are expected to be users 🙂 we will need your mobile number. Both email and phone are validated.

Fourth, [2d-2e] is the basic data entry for the restaurant. City, state and zip code of the restaurant. This is used as a filter to lookup to see if the restaurant is already in our database (through nomination). Start typing the name of the restaurant. If the name comes up in the list, just select it. Otherwise, click on Add a restaurant you work for.

We need a bit more information about the restaurant. Please provide your role, the website, or other public URL for the restaurant (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and the business phone number. We collect this in a small popup box. It is important that you provide correct information or your restaurant may not be validated. aBitNow will validate the restaurant to make sure it is not a fraudulent entry (this includes a Google Earth or state government business entity search, etc.)

Click Add this restaurant to close out the small box.

Fifth, [2f-2g] privacy, contact and Submit. Please select the checkbox and submit your registration request. Usually within a couple hours you will get an email that your restaurant has been successfully registered. At this point, you can start setting up preferences, adding menu items, store hours, etc.

Step 3: Start reading step-by-step guides to onboarding your restaurant at blog.aBitNow.com/onboarding/

Once aBitNow, Inc. has vetted your restaurant, you will get an email confirmation with additional instructions. There are additional agreements that need to be digitally signed and we will need to collect additional sensitive information but that will be scheduled between the restaurant and aBitNow.